Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In Germany

Germany is a western European country with a rich historic background and culture which makes it a famous tourist destination.

Many German universities score high in international rankings, perhaps this is the reason why they relatively have low acceptance rate for international students.

The country is the perfect place to study for natives and foreigners with it’s world class education, exciting urban life, beautiful landscape and a warm and welcoming culture with people from different parts of the world.

There are lots of higher institutions in Germany many of which offer English or German-taught study programmes in fashion and design.

best fashion schools in germany

Why Fashion School In Germany?

If you dream of becoming a high class fashion designer or model and have probably considered going to a fashion school or want to study abroad, then read on.

People go to fashion school for basically the formal education they need to help become entrepreneurs on their own.

They can learn and gain a lot of knowledge about the fashion industry which ultimately helps if they consider a career in the fashion or entertainment industry.

Fashion schools train people to create and organize new trends, develop new and different ideas about clothing and bringing innovations to life in fashion.

It is necessary to have a solid structured fashion education if you are interested in a career in the fashion industry.

There’s a need to learn the basics of design, fabrics, construction and the history of fashion.
Completing fashion school also shows potential employers that you have the ability to plan and complete tasks to reach your goals.

To plan a successful career, it is very crucial to learn from the experts and emulate techniques that work.

Why People Go To Fashion Schools?

There are various reasons why people go to fashion schools. The reasons varies depending on the individual’s personal interest. However, some of the reasons why people attend fashion schools include:

1. To work in the fashion industry someday.

Attending a fashion school is very important for fashionistas aspiring to work in the fashion industry.

It is generally known that the fashion industry is very competitive but studying fashion and designing as a formal education will definitely give you an edge over others who just learnt it as a side hustle (informally).

2. To learn the technicalities of fashion and the skills required to make complex clothing like couture and runway dresses.  

3. As a way of networking

You’ll meet different people from various aspects of life in fashion school. It is of great advantage if you’re willing to grow your Network.

This will open you up to many opportunities when you eventually graduate from the school and before then, you might have gotten connected with many top brands in your field.

4. Better Job Opportunities

A certified graduate in a fashion school has greater advantage over a colleague who did not attend in the search for jobs.

Things to consider before pursuing a degree in fashion anywhere in the world including Germany

Before taking the plunge and diving into the fashion world, take a minute to consider the following.

1. Your personality

It is very important to have strong organizational and communication skills. The world is fashion is filled with dedicated, creative and hard-working people. Evaluate yourself and your willingness to climb to the top.

There are highs and lows in every career, which means you must know how to handle every situation. Ask yourself if you can do everything it takes to make your dream a reality.

2. Passion

Do you have a passion for it? It is easier to work in a field you are passionate about. And do not mistake passion for interest.

Being passionate entails willingness to make compromises and great dedication to achieve your goals.

3. The Reputation Of The Fashion school  Of Choice

Make sure you do your research well before applying. It is better to obtain a degree from a well known school.

It is very important to attend a school with the power to help you achieve your dreams. Also, having a degree from a high profile institution boosts your resume.

4. School Fees & Cost Of Living.

Public schools are usually less expensive and mostly free. When choosing a fashion school, consider your budget size.

Although the cost of living in Germany for students is very much affordable, there are several scholarships and grants you can apply for as a student if you are not financially sufficient.

What You’ll learn In Fashion School 

1. Sewing Techniques

A major aspect of fashion and design is sewing. In a fashion school, you are taught professional sewing methods and how to make different kinds of clothing.

There are lots of sewing equipments and materials available for students to perfect their sewing skills. And of course there will be experts to teach, guide and supervise the entire process.  


2. Clothing construction

Have you ever wondered how those runway dresses, couture gowns and other complex clothing are made?

Another major benefit of attending a fashion school is that you get to learn how to sew and design a variety of clothing.

You also gain sufficient knowledge of the different kinds of fabric and how to choose the best from the rest. Its very important if you’re considering being a fashion designer or fashion buyer.

3. Pattern making

What is design without patterns? There are lots and lots of patterns to create as a fashion designer but you also have to create patterns that are very beautiful and professional.

In fashion school, there are guides to help you create your own patterns. From copying out other people’s patterns to making yours.

4. Marketing strategies

The fashion industry has a wide marketplace. The fashion industry is worth multi billions so there are lots of opportunities for the fashionistas.

However, having a great knowledge and understanding of how the market works accelerates your success in the fashion world.

The best way to learn is by learning from experts and people with a lot of experience in your field. It is advisable to consider marketing strategies that work and try to use them in your own career.

The instructors in fashion school teach both the practical aspect and the theoretical aspect of fashion and design.

You’ll learn tested and proven market strategies which have been used in the past or still in use. Then you can try your own methods and see what works best for you. Marketing strategies are important if you want to be a fashion marketer or product manager.

5. How To build Your Career

Everyone want to have a successful career but you should know that a successful career takes time to build.

It is very important to have mentors who are successful in your field of interest and try to learn from them. 

There are several institutions of higher learning where you can learn fashion and design. The majority of institutions of higher education in Germany are governed and funded by the government. There are also private institutions that offer various courses in the field of fashion designing. 

Some of these institutions have been ranked international and are ranked highly in global standards.

Huchschule Pforzhiem is a very good option to consider while on the lookout for a good auto design school and anything related to fashion. Also, UDK Berlin and HdM Stuttgart are a good option to consider.

There are also various courses related to fashion and design available for either bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

There are also colleges that teach fashion and design in either German or English depending on the institution. The courses include;

  • Bachelor of fashion and design.
  • Bachelor of textile and surface design.
  • Bachelor of arts in creative industries.
  • Bachelor of brand and communication design.
  • Bachelor of management in creative industries.
  • Master if arts in fashion and product management.
  • Master of arts in visual communication.
  • Fashion journalism.
  • Fashion marketing.
  • Textile production.

These are a few courses amidst the numerous courses in fashion and design offered in Germany.

What you need to know about Germany’s degree

In the German education system,

  • Bachelor of arts equals 6 semesters of study.
  • Master of arts, 2-4 depending on the program.
  • PhD equals 4-6 depending on the program.

Top Ranked German Institutions In The Field Of Fashion Designing.

  1. Fashion design institute in Dusseldorf AMD Hamburg – Private: voted among the best 50 international fashion schools year after year by Forbes magazine. It offers courses in fashion design, fashion management/marketing, Journalism. Click to visit the official school website>>
  2. Kunsthochschulee Weissensee – Non profit Public: Kuntsthochschule Weissensee is a non profit public school in Berlin. It was founded in 1946 with over 850 students.Click to visit the official school website>>
  3. Humboldt University in BerlinNon profit Public:  established in 1810, it is one of the oldest fashion institutions in Germany. It is a public research university in Mitte, Berlin. Click to visit the official school website>>
  4. Brand university of applied sciences – Private: founded in 2010, Brand university of applied sciences is a government recognized institution located in Hamburg. Tuition fees ranges from 257.50EUR ( domestic) to 345.40 EUR ( international). Click to visit the official school website>>
  5. Burg Gebichenstein school for fashion and design, Halle – Non profit Public:  one of the largest universities of arts and design.The university offers about 20 art and design degree programmes in two faculties. It was established in 1915. Click to visit the official school website>>
  6. Macromedia university of applied sciencesPrivate: Click to visit the official school website>>
  7. Fachhohschule BielefeldNon profit public: Fachhohschule Bielefeld offers study programs for both Masters and Bachelor’s degree. Click to visit the official school website>>
  8. Academie JAK HamburgPrivate. Click to visit the official school website>>
  9. ESMOD Munich – Private. Click to visit the official school website>>
  10. AMD Hamburg Private Academie Mode and design is the design department of the private Frensius university of applied sciences. The university is one of the largest privately owned universities of applied sciences in Germany. Click to visit the official school website>>

These are public and private institutions that offer courses in fashion and design.

You can visit their websites to know more about how to apply and the requirements for application.

Requirements For Application

Some basic requirements to consider before applying to a fashion schools in Germany includes;

It is important for you to check that your current qualifications are recognized by your chosen university before you apply

Check the language requirements of the institution whether programs are taught in German or English

Finance– public institutions are less expensive, there are also scholarships, student loans and grants to assist students with inadequate finances.

You would also be required to present a copy of your your certified high school diploma or previous degrees.

Health insurance.

Passports, especially if you are an international student.

The cost of living in Germany is rather affordable for a student even as an international student.

First of all, the German education system provides almost free education where the majority of the universities don’t require tuition fees for either natives or international students because they are funded by the government. However, tuition fees for private universities are also affordable.

In Germany you can choose between public and private health insurance, but the public health insurance is more affordable.

It is rare to come by any university that will ever accept you without the health insurance papers submitted.

Student life in Germany varies from city to city and of course the price ranges depending on the neighborhood.

Germany is home to some of the world’s most famous clubs like Bergheim. There are several places of scenery and fascination in Germany. All the grandiose parks and gardens gives you a hint of the sanctity of the green places in the country.

There’s a place for everyone, from the campers, hikers to the solitarians.

There are different cafes and restaurants to suit your taste. Germany also has a very vibrant nightlife with a lot of great places for people who love to go out.

There are also job opportunities for students. Students can take up part time jobs, or mini jobs like waitress at a restaurant or club, volunteer worker or internships. It is also possible to work in the university.

Working in the university is also a beneficial alternative since you get to make your own schedule without compromising your studies.

Perks of studying in Germany

  • No tuition fees at public universities.
  • Excellent education, staff and infrastructure.
  • Internationally recognized degrees.
  • Study programs taught in English or German.
  • Amazing job opportunities.
  • A chance to explore life in Germany.
  • A welcoming culture.

What next after fashion school?

There are lots of career opportunities in the fashion world. Your choice of career depends on your individual interests. Some of the career opportunities in fashion include.

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion buyer
  • Marketing or PR specialist
  • Fashion journalist/fashion blogger
  • Product manager
  • Fashion stylist
  • Modelling.


Fashion schools are the best for people who have interest in fashion and are willing to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

You can learn on your own but it wouldn’t be sufficient enough like learning under experts and professionals.

To get to the top, you must be willing to make a lot of sacrifices and remain dedicated and hard-working. After all, the top of the ladder is reserved for the strongest and not for mediocres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on the  Complete List Of The best 10 Best Fashion Schools In Germany

Can I study fashion design online?

Yes you can, there are various institutions that practice both physical and online learning. Online learning is very suitable for distance learning students who can’t afford to be in school all the time. Materials are uploaded on the school website, lectures, tests and exams are taken online too.

The major benefit of online learning is that it is very convenient.

Can I study fashion and design for free?

There are public universities that don’t require tuition fees. Students can also apply for scholarships or grants too. There are scholarship programs available for natives and international students.

Is there free education for international students?

Some schools, mostly public schools fully funded by the government or charity organizations provide admission to all students irrespective of nationality. Student from other countries – international students are also eligible to apply for scholarships.

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