Caucasian Dog Price in Nigeria [Most Accurate Price]

I always get this question: What is the Caucasian Dog Price in Nigeria? Everyone seems to love this breed – maybe because of the size or what it was bred to do.

In this article, I’ll be telling you(accurately) the price of a Caucasian dog(adult or puppy) in Nigeria.

Caucasian Dog Price in Nigeria

A brief history of the Caucasian Shepherd(Ovtcharka) Dog Breed

The Caucasian shepherd dog breed, or the Caucasian Ovcharka, is a large dog guarding dog known for its ability to guard livestock against wild animals.

The breed was developed around 1920 from dogs of the ancient Caucasian mountain dogs and the steppe regions of southern Russia.

The Caucasian dog breed falls under the large dog breed class.

Characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd dog has;

  • A steady attitude
  • Is Active
  • Self-confident
  • Fearless and 
  • Independent

This breed shows a highly caring attitude toward its owner. The breed has a fearful appearance making it an excellent guard dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd’s Appearance

Let us look at the appearance of the Caucasian shepherd appearance.

The Caucasian shepherd dog is well-built, large, and strong, with large bones and a strong muscular structure and system.- This makes them excellent guard dogs.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog puppy price in Nigeria

There is no fixed/actual price for the Caucasian dog in Nigeria because there are so many factors to consider when we talk about the price of not just a Caucasian shepherd puppy but any product at all!

To get the right quality(I mean a real Caucasian shepherd dog puppy), you need to budget about Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira(250k) to Five Hundred Thousand Naira(500k).

But here in Nigeria, everyone wants to get a top-notch dog for a very low price. This attitude has made many pet peddlers and puppy millers start breeding rubbish and tagging them “top quality.”

I’ve seen ads and posts online about the right price of a Caucasian Shepherd dog going from Fifty Thousand Naira (50k) to Two Hundred Thousand Naira(200k), and the shocking thing is, these guys get a lot of customers.- even more than those selling quality Caucasian shepherd dogs.

Cheap things are usually not good, and good things are rarely cheap.- Quality always comes with a price.

Also, Note:

Buying an expensive dog does not also mean that you’re getting a quality dog. – Watch out before you buy it.

We’re here to help you with contacts of the Best Caucasian Breeders in Nigeria.

What is the Caucasian Dog Price in Nigeria?

A well-bred quality(pedigree) adult Caucasian Shepherd dog, cost around Three Hundred Thousand naira and above( it can run into millions).

Caucasian Dog Food in Nigeria.

I will not state the best dog food brand here, but I will drop a piece of information to help you in raising your Caucasian shepherd dog.

Here are some tips for those that’ll love to get the best kibble for their dog(s):

  • Compositions of the food/kibble should be as precise and elaborate or detailed as possible – avoid dog foods with too many imprecise designations;
  • Protein sources such as; Chicken meat, beef or pork meat, etc. should be the first ingredient to be mentioned.
  • Proteins present in the food or kibble should be more than 25%;
  • The Percentage of cereals in the kibble shouldn’t be on the high side.

Why is the Caucasian puppy cost so expensive?

The truth is that breeding quality and standard dog breed isn’t as easy as many think. – A lot goes into breeding quality dogs.

Many factors determine the price of the Caucasian dog breed in Nigeria, and the difference between the cheap and expensive Caucasian Shepherd dogs is clear and very distinct.- You may not see them at the puppy stage, but you’ll see them when they grow.

Reason for the cost difference

Below are some reasons why the price of one breeder differs from the price of another.

1. Health Certifications – Few breeders take this one seriously, and the truth is backyard breeders do not care about this.- They don’t care about the breed standard.

Ethical and knowledgeable breeders pay thousands to get to know the health status of their dog(s).

Note: Not everyone that sells a puppy to you at a high price is actually breeding right. Many of those we see online and on WhatsApp groups feed on the ignorance of many dog lovers and enthusiasts. So be very careful. 

Cost of breeding stock – Most of those selling cheap brought their stocks from mixed/non-pedigree parents, looking like the Caucasian shepherd dog – Caucasian Shepherd dogs/puppies from these kinds of stock are usually sold cheaper.

Note: Those who find it difficult to identify quality Caucasian shepherd dogs know nothing about the breed standards.

Ethical and experienced breeders pay thousands of dollars to import health certified, bred to standard, champion bloodlines, and pedigree Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

2. Cost to produce the litter – Ethical and experienced breeders usually spend a lot to produce quality puppies. They usually add those costs. – this usually involves a lot.

But pet milers spend little to nothing to produce puppies; they watch out for the heat of their dog(s) and wait till she ovulates, then mate.

They don’t take time to analyze the stud/sire or dam used; they don’t feed dam/puppies quality foods; their dog even keeps them in a good-looking environment.

Avoid getting dogs from sites like Jiji/Olx and Jumia; there are many scams and scammers on those platforms who are nowhere close to becoming breeders.

Try as much as possible to get from an Ethical and knowledgeable breeder with a good reputation and are not ready to spoil their reputation for anything.

An ethical breeder will always have a laid down plan or set standards for every breeding plan/program and will not deviate from them just because they want to get more money or economize.-They know the pedigrees, temperaments, and the health status of most of the Caucasian Shepherd in their stocks’ pedigree. – They take out their time to do proper research before they mate their dams/bitches.

Avoid getting dogs from roadside dog sellers or pet peddlers. 

Get from a reputable breeder.- we can help you with quality, bred to standard, and pedigreed Caucasian Shepherd dogs/puppies


The caucasian shepherd dog is for breed first timers. It takes an experienced dog lover or owner to own one.

Before getting one, ensure you are not just financially ready but ready to give your dog quality time, accommodation, and food.

If you are looking for a well-bred, quality, pedigree Caucasian Shepherd dog or puppy, do well to reach us at to help you get one.


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