What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Scholarship?

Getting a full-ride scholarship can be somewhat tasking for most applicants. knowing fully well how competitive and how many people tend to apply for it whenever the application is open.

The reason for this is of course not far fetched. It is an opportunity to cover all your educational funding for almost all your program years in the applied school.

Some even go extra length by covering your feeding expense – the cost of living, making you have all the whole time in the world to focus basically on your study or program in the institution.

Without a doubt, there are just a finite or countable number of these types of scholarships going on presently, and even the few ones that are available are really very competitive and not easy to get chosen for.

Fully funded scholarships are not easy to come by, they are very competitive, and few people eventually get chosen upon thousands of applications.

However the case may be, this shouldn’t discourage you from applying for these kinds of scholarships.

Either way, I have a piece of good news for you. On this page, as you read on, you will discover the best and some easy ways to get scholarships amidst the increasing number of competitions.

Here is How You Can Get Scholarships Easily

1.Give Them What They Want.

To every scholarship, there is always a column for the scholarship criteria, this is the column that contains what the scholarship sponsors expects you to have before you can qualify for the scholarship list. These also contain the eligibility, requirements, academic performance level, Program type, and so on.

So you just have to ensure that you have met most of these criteria if not all before you can consider applying for such a scholarship.

Note that having these criteria is not even a 100% guarantee that you will eventually be chosen for the scholarship.

A very good scholarship hack on knowing your scholarship sponsor demands is to navigate straight to their official website, If they are an organization, read through their mission and vision, you will find this at the “About Us” session of their website.

2. Contribute To Your Community

Participating in projects for your local community most of the time serves as a very good way to increase your chance of winning a scholarship. It makes it easier for you than other people who have no work done for their community.

A student who does this often is put on a higher rate of consideration for any scholarship position. The reason for this most of the time is that, most scholarships are sponsored by a non-profit making organization.

A statement of fact from the world-known Marianne Ragins, who won about $400,000 college scholarships and featured in the cover of Parade Magazine in 1991. During a session of interviews with her made it know that sponsors are looking for a long-time commitment to volunteering.

A good hack to this: Ensure that you enrolled for a certificate volunteering community programs. Do not just put in for a volunteering program if you know that a certificate will not be issued to you. This makes it easy for you to document your credentials for further scholarship applications.

3. Be Known Online

Most people do not even think that this is important. Imagine that you just search your name on Google or any other search engine and boom! your name come out as the name of a once know criminal. Or that the only place where anything related to your name is shown is your Facebook page with olden days irrelevant poses of pictures that can shun people off from your social life.

This is what you should try as much as possible to look into before you apply for a scholarship. Ensure to have a good online presence. Delete all your irrelevant Facebook posts, Instagram posts if these are the only platforms that show up your name online.

Mark Kantrowitz, the publisher of FastWeb and the author of the new book Secrets to Winning a Scholarship also advises this to be put into practice.

A good hack to get yourself an online presence before you can apply for a scholarship if you want to outrank your Facebook and Instagram post is to visit About.me then create a profile for yourself and make it professional, input all the necessary details, then submit. Within few days it will get indexed and start asking showing for your name on all search engines. Another place you can visit for this also is Linkedin

4. Use The Scholarship Explorer Engines

Getting scholarships can be made even much easier for you when you search for them via the appropriate medium.

Some of the places you can visit to get good scholarship opportunities are;

5. Fill All Columns

A good way to will scholarship easily is to not make the mistake of half-filling the scholarship application form. Some columns will be highlighted as optional.

To your best of interest, you are advised to fill up all these spaces without leaving anyone out.

Also, include your background while searching for scholarships in on search engine as this can generate twice as many scholarships match according to Mark Kantrowitz.

6. Learn About Scholarship Odd/Permutation

Before you can win any scholarship, you must calculate the odds of you winning or not. There are some scholarships that you know are very competitive while some are relatively easy to win.

Try and see how competitive or how easy the scholarship you want to apply for is before you think of filling the application form. To know more on how you can calculate your odds of winning a scholarship Visit this page: How to calculate scholarship odds.

7. Apply Blindly

Do not get surprised about that heading, the intention is very simple and important. If you noticed that you have the criteria to apply for more than 10 scholarships, try as much a possible to apply for all of them.

Do not think that applying for more than two or three scholarships can alter your chances of winning, no, it will only increase your possibility or odds of winning one even if the other fail.

Do not apply for just one scholarship and sleep on it. Also, it is very much advisable to apply for less competitive scholarships with little money attached to them. Imagine applying for 10 scholarships worth just $1,000 or even less. Let’s say you won 5 of them, which is equivalent to $5,000. This is much better than applying for just a scholarship worth $10,000 with a slim chance of winning.

So, you just have to play your game save and wisely.

8. Apply For Mostly Essay Related Scholarships

Most applicants are always very lazy in writing essays. This is why any essay related scholarship will be less competitive.

So, whenever you come across anyone of this such, apply for them without hesitation, it is a good way to increase your odds of winning. They are somewhat easy scholarships to win.

Read more on how to apply for scholarships In high school.


Winning scholarships is a game for the smart but brilliant ones. You might be very brilliant and yet, not win a single scholarship throughout your study period. Hence, on your future application for scholarship, ensure to put all the above-discussed points into practice and see how the table will turn toward you this time around on your next scholarship application. See you at the top.

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