How Much Is The Flight Ticket From Nigeria To Uganda

The importance of transportation cannot be over-emphasized in the day-to-day running of our life. The mobility of humans, goods, properties, etc. is a necessity as the rate and efficiency of these movements have improved massively.

Significance of Transportation

 The significance of transportation is seen in how people, businesses, and all sectors of society rely on it for movement and access to resources. While there are stark contrasts in the type of services provided by arrays of airlines, the leading twin reasons that will in most cases have the greatest influence on the kind of service that will be rendered when you board your flight is the distance of the flight and class of service you applied for. 

Understanding The Classes Of Travel When Booking A Flight Ticket

The classes of travel you will be exposed to on airline flights at any clime are these four: economy class, premium economy class, business class, and first class. During these periods where more airlines are adopting premium economy class to their airline cabins, the same cannot be said for first-class flights as it is on the decline which is a consequence of amongst other things, the reality of the improvement and modification of business class cabins to the standard of what first class was about 15 to 20 years ago.

A flight from Nigeria to Uganda will take an average flight time of 4 hours 45 minutes.

Below is a run-through of the different flight prices for each flight class from Nigeria to Uganda.  

How much is the flight ticket from Nigeria to Uganda

Cost of Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Uganda According to Various Classes

Economy class:

This is the cheapest class giving a good level of seats and limited service with respect to meals which is mainly a factor of the flight duration. The flight price for this class ranges from about $425 to about $739 for a round trip and about $250 to about $400 for a one-way ticket depending on the airline, time of booking, and route used. 

Premium economy class:

The premium economy class aims to considerably reduce the gap between the economy class and the business class. It offers extensively larger sits in contrast to the economy class. It will cost about $850 to about $1300 depending on the airline and route.


A major pick for most corporate travellers. The difference between this flight class and the Economy flight classes mostly rests on the services rendered, meals given (which are more flexible than the economy classes), and seats. The price for the business class flight ticket costs about $1700 to about $2300 which is well a result of the airline and airport of departure. 


In general, the first class cabins are mostly twice as expensive as the business class cabins due to the large space, larger seats, and a great degree of personal services offered due to the small number of passengers in the cabin. The flight price for this class is about $3500 to about $5000 depending on the airline and flight route used. 

Final Words

It might not be as illustrious as its neighbours in the region like Rwanda Kenya, Tanzania, or even Zambia, Uganda is a place worth visiting. Uganda has a wide range of exports with coffee being its biggest followed by the likes of mangoes, bananas, avocado, papaya oranges maize, and more. 

Whether it be gorilla tracking at the rocks of Uganda, visiting elephants, hippos, lions, and leopards at the Queen Elizabeth national park tasting the delicious Ugandan cuisines, or witnessing the unique culture of the Ugandan people, a trip to Uganda is a trip that takes you closer to nature.

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