How To Apply For American Visa In Nigeria

Visas grant people entry into other people’s countries. The entry could be temporary or permanent, but the visa is a document that essentially clears the individual applying for entry and gives legal authority to enter. 

The United States of America is a transcontinental country majorly located in the continent of North America. It consists of 50 states and a federal district. It shares land borders with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. 

The United States of America is a country that has grown in leaps and bounds since it was founded, and even in the midst of setbacks and challenges, became a world power that has held onto its position for the longest of times. 

Their strength extends and cuts across several important sectors in the world; trade, commerce, technology, health care, and tourism. These things, and more, are the reasons why people leave their home countries to go there, leading to the population increase making them become the third most populous country in the world.

How To Apply For American Visa In Nigeria

Types of American Visa

An American Visa is a document that allows a person to visit the United States. It is issued only by the United States Embassy. A person with a decided interest in travelling to the United States of America clearly has reasons to do so. Those reasons in turn determine what type of visa they will be applying for and what categories under the types they will be getting. There are two types of American Visas, viz:

  • Immigrant Visa. This type of visa is specifically for people who intend to move to or permanently relocate to the United States of America. This visa permits application for admission as a Legal Permanent Resident to the United States and is a step toward citizenship acquisition.
  • Nonimmigrant Visa. A nonimmigrant visa is for the demographic that is only interested in visiting the United States of America. Tourists, students and business people fall into this category. Strong ties to the country of origin are needed to ensure that the person will return at the end of their temporary stay and before their visa expires.

Generally, applying at least three months before the intended date of travel is advisable.

Visa Fees

After determining the type of Visa you intend to apply for, you have to pay the fees associated with it. Applicants including children will pay a non-refundable, non-transferable visa application fee also known as the MRV fee. Whether a visa is issued or not, the fee must be paid. Depending on your visa class in Nigeria, it ranges between $160 to $265. Here are the prices of some of the commonly patronized nonimmigrant USA visas in Nigeria

  • Business/Tourist B -$160
  • Student F -$160
  • Journalist and Media I -$160
  • Athletes. Artists and Entertainers P -190
  • Religious Worker R -$190
  • Treaty. Trader/Investor E -$205
  • Fiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen K -$265

Documents Required

  • International Passport
  • MRV Receipt/Visa Fee
  • DS-160 Acknowledgement Page/DS160 Confirmation. 
  • Passport Photograph
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Sponsorship Documents
  • Property Documents
  • Employment/Official Documents
  • Physician’s Letter
  • Qualifications(Degrees, Diplomas and Certifications) for Work Visa

Bank Balance Requirement for US Tourist Visa

The amount your bank statement should reflect to make you eligible to be approved for a tourist visa varies and there is no limit. On average, $5,000 to $10,000 is adequate. 

Any amount that can sum up to the overall expenses for your US trip covering to and fro tickets, lodging, shopping and medical insurance is part of that too. 

Steps To Apply For American Visa In Nigeria

Below are the step to be taken when applying for an American visa in Nigeria;

Paying the Visa Fee in Nigeria

United States Visa fees in Nigeria can only be paid into GTBank in one of two ways: Cash or Online payment.


The visa fee should be taken to any GTBank branch for payment depending on visa type. At the bank, ask for a slip to pay for visa fees. On the slip, fill the required spaces with fee payment amount and contact information. 

After filling it correctly, the bank will present you with a recipe acknowledging payment. The International Passport of the person with travel intentions must be presented at the bank before the above procedures are followed.

Online Payment

Travellers that have an account with GTBank can choose to pay online on the GTBank Online Banking portal. 

  • On the portal, navigate to the Travels section.
  • Select Visa. 
  • Under Visa, Select USA visa.
  • Proceed to select the visa category. The amount to be paid will automatically generate.
  • Enter name, passport number and contact information.
  • Select the account you want to make payment from and crosscheck the details that have been put in.
  • Click the submit button and enter your generated token OTP.
  • Once payment is made and confirmed, the Visa Fee Reference Form will automatically generate.
  • You must save the document, it will be needed at the interview. Also, save the receipt acknowledging the payment. Print both for the interview.

It is important to know that the payment code printed on the recipes of either form of payment is important. It is known as UID. When scheduling your appointment, it will be required of you. Also, this payment is valid for one year. 

Complete the Online Form

After making the payment, the next thing to do is complete the online DS-160 form. The form can be found on the U.S Department of State Application website. Filling the form properly is important, so a minimum of ninety minutes should be used to fill the form meticulously. 

After filling, review every section and every piece of information put in to make sure that all is correct. Endeavour to be truthful with your information as well, as that is a sufficient basis for rejection. Lastly, after submitting the online form, print it and keep it safe. It will form part of the documents you need for the interview.

Schedule a Visa Appointment.

The next step is to schedule an appointment. On the application website, create a profile. When the profile is created, click on the option to schedule an appointment.

Application scheduling will require;

1. Applicant’s Passport number.

2. The receipt number from GTB receipt.

3. Ten-digit barcode from the applicant’s DS-160 confirmation page.


American Embassies in Nigeria are in either Lagos or Abuja. The applicant will have to arrive at the embassy at least 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time. 

Prepare ahead for the interview and acquaint yourself with information you feel would be useful concerning the U.S. Calm your nerves before you go, so as not to cause errors mid-interview on your part. 

After your interview, you will find out if your application was granted or denied. If it is granted, you will be handed a different form to complete and your passport was temporarily taken from you. When it is returned after you fill the form, you will take both to the VFS Document Collection Office.

Visa Duration

On average, it takes three to five weeks for a US visa application to get processed.

The US visa application is open and ongoing now, but for nonimmigrant visas, the embassy puts people with urgent travel needs first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which visas for the United States are the most straightforward to acquire?

Many people find that applying for a visiting visa in the “B” category is the simplest and most convenient option. (See 8 U.S. Code §? 1101.) The B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows individuals to temporarily enter the United States for business (B-1), pleasure (B-2), or medical treatment (B-3) (B-2).

Is an interview necessary to obtain a visa for the United States?

Because of your age or because you are renewing a previous visa for the United States, you may be able to apply for a visa to enter the United States without having to go through an interview. At this time, we are only accepting Interview Waiver applications from crew members (C1/D) working for international airlines, cruise lines, or ships, as well as students (F-1).

How long does it take to receive a US visa in Nigeria?

The processing time for a visa application to the United States might range from 3 to 5 weeks. After the application has been processed, the applicant may receive a favourable response to their request, and the consulate will then give the required document.


Good luck with your application! 

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