How To Apply For Scholarship To Study Anywhere In 2022

Before applying for a scholarship, you need to know what a scholarship actually means. So what then is a scholarship? A scholarship is a form of help mostly in form of money provided by a school, college or university for students who possess the great academic ability, but with little or no financial capacity in other for them to study whatever choice of course, they want throughout their stay in the school. Scholarships are usually provided for students from homes where their families get very low incomes.

However, some scholarships are much more flexible, which anybody regardless of their financial status or academic level can apply for.

You also need to know that a scholarship isn’t a student loan whereby they have to pay back to the school. A scholarship covers all the student’s needs for free. This is usually the case when you apply for a fully funded scholarship.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to what a scholarship means. I will give out the necessary steps you are expected to take when
applying for a scholarship. They are as follows;

7 Tips On How To Apply For Scholarships In 2021

apply For scholarship

Once again, follow these steps below to apply put in for any scholarship of your choice in 2021.

1. Register With The Institution

This is the first major and most important step to take. You won’t be recognized by the institution’s management if you don’t get registered. There’s always an application form to be filled online with a scheduled date of submission. This application will require you to fill in all your necessary bio-data.

2. Confirm Registration By Mail

You need to make sure that you’ve received a confirmation email from the institution. If you don’t receive an email from the management, then it’s proof that you didn’t apply for the scholarship or you did the application using the wrong process.

This confirmation from the school management is what will determine if you can go ahead with the application process because the confirmation mail comes with further directives that need to be strictly adhered to. Some come with a login password created for just each applicant for easy access to the institution’s website for the further registration process. This is one good reason you NEED to check your mail inbox.

3. Write A Scholarship Application Letter

There’s a great need to write your personal statement. As a matter of fact, a personal statement will be required of you by the management. In this personal statement, the management will tell you the number of words they need from you. So you have to carefully read and follow each instruction.

Perhaps you don’t know what a personal statement is all about, in your introductory or opening paragraph for your statement or essay, might be required to write about what initiated your interest in that particular institution, the good deeds they have been known for, the testimonies from students who got the scholarship in the past and so on.

After this, the next paragraph should talk about why you want to apply for the scholarship, the course you intend to study, what you wish to gain in the course of study, how you getting the scholarship will change your life positively and your society at large.

You can read more on how to write a good reason to apply for a scholarship here

The third paragraph should be about what you have achieved previously academically, your rewards and certificates (if any), your sports life, the recognition you’ve gotten from your society, your contribution to the development of your society so far or any other achievement you deem fit to share with the management.
Ensure that you give detailed information here.

The fourth paragraph should talk about the low-income earnings that you or your family receives which prompted you to apply for a scholarship. Be detailed about this too. It’s very important.

The concluding paragraph should state how grateful you would be if you’re found worthy to receive a scholarship from them. You have to genuinely promise that you’ll keep to every rule and regulation that governs the institution and how you’ll be of best behaviour.

Write all the above information with words that only portrays uttermost courtesy. No arrogance would be tolerated by any individual or management. Be confident, detailed, but not arrogant.

4. Prepare Your Academics Achievement Portfolio

You can arrange official proof of your achievements by either sending pictures or clear videos showing what you’ve achieved so far. Here is the chance you need to prove to the management that the achievements you’ve made so far are genuine. So, put out the best of pictures as well as videos.

5. Provide Your Bank Financial Statement

You can get documents or bank statements proving your low-income earnings over a long period of time. Take pictures of these and send them forth. You might decide to include the email address or the number of your employer (in case the management decides to reach out to them).

6. Proofread All The Documents

It’s very important you proofread every single document, edit every single video just to make sure you don’t make any deep errors that can jeopardize your chances of getting this scholarship. Read everything words afterword. If you’re too nervous to do this, get someone to do this for you. Proofread everything before clicking on the SUBMIT button. Remember that once you submit, you might never get to undo any error you might have made.

7. Submit Your Application

This is the final stage left after you must have arranged every single document, written your personal statement and putting together your videos and pictures. This is the stage where every information you’ve inputted goes straight to the management’s website.

After submission, wait patiently for the response from the management. You will get every info you need via your mail’s inbox. Hopefully, you get selected afterwards. Once you’re selected, further instructions will be given to you and the resumption date will be stated.

Please kindly read this article to see list of some costly mistakes you should not make while applying for scholarships.


The following steps I gave above are the vital things you must know while applying for any scholarship to any institution of your choice around the globe. These are the generally accepted step you must follow if you’re willing to get a swift response from the management of that institution you desire. Always remember to adhere STRICTLY to every instruction given. Put up a positive mindset while applying for it. Positivity is one of the keys you need to be successful. Be as genuine as possible. Trust me, you’re just one step away from getting that dream scholarship to study your dream course. See you at the top!

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