How To Become A Transfer Student In America

It is important to make known to you the simple difference between a transfer student and an exchange student to avoid confusion. Even though the two seems to look alike in terms requirement, the result of them is somewhat different.

A transfer student is a student who has earlier attended a college or university and has completed at least a semester there, who then goes on to another university or institution abroad to complete the course or program to obtain a degree in the field.

While to be an exchange student, it means you simply took part in the student exchange program without any degree in the view from the University or the institution you are being transferred to.

You don’t know what the student exchange program is?

A student exchange program is an educational program in which a student from secondary school or a university goes on to study abroad at any of his previous institution’s partner or arm.

Taking, for instance, the Univesity of Ibadan in Nigeria, for example, is a partner to the University of Venda, Thohoyandou, South Africa, University of Makeni, Sierra Leone, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Tokyo, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming, China, Cologne Business School, Germany, Roosevelt University, USA and many among other.

Hence, any student from the above schools can come to study at the University of Ibadan so far as he has all the required documents. But what makes them different from a transfer student is that, no degree certificate will be awarded to an exchange student.

Now that you have a clear view of what an exchange student and a transfer student is.

It is worth noting that many people try as much as possible to find their way to get into the United state of America either to study there or live there permanently, and one of the easiest ways to find your way to live in America is to simply get your hand in one of their available student exchange programs, know their requirements, register and you are right in your dream country.

Let talk also about who can be an exchange student at the high school level in the USA.

High School USA Exchange Program- Those Eligible

To be eligible for the united state of America, USA high school exchange program, the applicant must;

  1. Be a student
  2. Completed 8-9 years of primary/elementary education
  3. Currently, be in school in your country
  4. Have not completed more than 11 years years of education (SS3) – Excluding kindergarten
  5. For those not in school currently; then you should be between 15-18 years 6 months to be eligible for application.
  6. show that you are mature and
  7. have a good character in your previous school
  8. speak good English
  9. have health insurance.

Note that if you have previously gone to school in the US with a student visa, then you can no longer become an exchange student.

US Exchange Program Duration

On a normal basis, the duration for an exchange student to stay in the US is just half the school year or the whole school year.

After this time, you aren’t expected to stay there anymore with all other conditions and protocols being followed.

Your VISA will of course allow you to arrive there 30 days before the normal school session/duration will start counting as well as keep you 30 days after the session has ended. After which you are expected to return to your home country.

How To Become An Exchange Student In America

Follow these steps, if you want to be an exchange student in the US

  1. Contact a sponsor organization in the US – These are organisations that have been approved by the government to find a school for exchange students and place them with a host family. Follow here to see lists of Sponsors available in America.
  2. Obtain the DS-form from them – This form will show you your eligibility status to study as an exchange student.
  3. Get the J-1 Visa (This excludes the Canadians)
  4. To get the J-1 Visa, first, obtain the DS-160 form here and fill it
  5. You  will be required to show your DS-2019 gotten from your program sponsor
  6. Next, you will pay a fee and as well go through some security checks – this is to ascertain your health status and credentials violation possibility and some other related issues. Other reasons for this process is fully stated here
  7. Next, go for an interview at the US consulate in your home country – here are some things you should know before going for the interview.
  8. You’ll be asked some question in English to test your visa eligibility
  9. You must assure them that you will return after your study period expires
  10. If you satisfy their requirement, you’ll be given your visa.
  11. Start planning your journey to the United State.

As A Canadian;

As a Canadian, you do not need to fill the DS-160 form or even go to the consulate in your home country. You can just bring your DS-2019 to the office of the US Customs and Border Protection at the airport or border.

  1. Then request to enter the US in J-1 status.
  2. You’ll be put under some interview
  3. If you are qualified, you’ll be allowed into the country.

University Transfer Procedure In The USA For International Students

The process of transferring to a university in the USA is the same for both undergraduates and postgraduate international applicants or students.

All you need to transfer to a university in the USA is just for you to transfer your SEVIS number to the destination and secondly, by getting the I-20 from the university.

And if you are lucky to have the I-20 in hand already, then all you need to do is to ask your current university to transfer the SEVIS number to the new destination university in the USA.

Let talk more about this if you are still confused.

If you have your I-20 in hand, then follow the steps below;

  1. obtain the F1 visa
  2. go to the university with the F1 visa
  3. begin your  transfer process
  4. inform the international student office about your intention to change your school
  5. Work will begin on it and your transfer-out will be approved within a short while.
  6. you must hence join the new school within 15 days after your transfer-in to the new school has been approved as indicated on the I-20

Kindly note that not all colleges accept a transfer in the first semester.

Universities That Accept Exchange Students In the USA

Here is the list of some universities in the USA that accept exchange students.

1. Murray State University

Type: Public

Year Established: 1922

Tuition Fees: $23,958

2. Southeast Missouri State University: 

Type: Public

Year Established: 1873

Tuition Fees: $24,039

3. University of Minnesota Morris: 

Type: Public

Year Established:1959

Tuition Fees: $24,264

4. Purdue University—Northwest:

Type: Public

Year Established: 2016

Tuition Fees: $25,765

5. University of North Alabama:

Type: Public

Year Established: 1830

Tuition Fees: $25,846

6. Valdosta State University:

Type: Public

Year Established: 1906

Tuition Fees: $25,970

7. Auburn University at Montgomery:

Type: Public

Year Established: 1967

Tuition Fees:  $26,088

8. Arkansas State University: 

Type: Public

Year Established: 1909

Tuition Fees: $26,092

9. Western Michigan University: 

Type: Public

Year Established: 1903

Tuition Fees: $26,608

10. William Carey University: 

Type: Private

Year Established: 1892

Tuition Fees: $18,135

Universities That Accept International Transfer Students In USA

Here the list of some universities and colleges that accept international students transfer to the USA

  1. Rice University
  2. UTMB School of Medicine
  3. UT Southwestern Medical Center Intern
  4. UT MD Anderson School of Health
  5. The University of Texas School of Law
  6. Neurology – University of Arizona
  7. UTMB Department of Radiology Vascular/IR Fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions on How To Become A Transfer Student In America

Where Will I Stay As A USA Exchange Student?

At the boarding house if your school has a boarding school. You will be given a place to stay with other students from the school.

In case you do not want to stay in the boarding school, you will have to stay with someone to host you. This person cannot be your family member or relative.

You can only live with an American host family, and the school will ensure that the person or family is someone who will be able to take good care of you in terms of providing you with;

  • God clothes
  • Place of study
  • good meal
  • means of transportation.

Also, such a host can only have you and only you as the only exchange student living with them.

Can exchange Student Also Work Like Normal Citizens After School?

Yes, as an exchange student, even though you do not have the full right to apply for a job by yourself, you can only do the jobs that you are requested to do.

This can either be part-time or full time. And such jobs include; babysitting, painting, house cleaning, plate washing etc.

Can I Engage In Sporting Activities As An Exchange Student?

Yes, you can do any sport as an exchange student in America. you can join the school’s sports team unless the school or local government has a regulation that states otherwise. But there is no federal rule that forbids an exchange student from participating in the school’s sporting activities.

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Making the decision to study abroad is a lifelong and onetime decision that could of course change your life forever. Haven been open to a whole new way of life, atmosphere, people and learning.

You get yourself shaped and acquitted with all new people and friends around you  and most times you get to exhibit the way of life of your American host family.

This is basically a new world of exploration and we believe to some extent, that we have covered all you need in order to make your application and study as an exchange student or a transfer student over there as smooth as possible.

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