How To Book A Flight Ticket Online In Nigeria

The advancement of technology which has made quite physically challenging and time-consuming tasks doable from the comfort of our homes is no longer a thing of novelty – the booking of flight tickets inclusive. Owing to bad roads, poor road networks as well as construction, insecurity and the desire for convenience, the oftenness of air travel has been prolific as it offers travellers a safer and swifter means of reaching their destinations. 

The result of this frequency is that airlines have since developed easily accessible online portals through which flight tickets can be booked and purchased by processes made simple and secure. 

Regardless of this ease, many Nigerians especially first-timers still struggle to navigate their way through the process, some see it as cumbersome and therefore unsure about the online services provided by airlines. 

This article seeks to provide a step-by-step guide to booking an online flight ticket in Nigeria that can be comprehended by a layman.

How to Book A Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria

Basic Details and Requirements

In order to make booking easy and organised, the below-listed details and requirements must be duly provided in error-free fillings as they will appear as filling out the ticket. 


  1. Trip details: flight type (one way or two way), dates (departure and return dates), preferred airline, number of travellers and airport flying to.

Also known as a single ticket, a one-way flight is a flight that is booked from the departure airport of the traveller to the destined airport without a planned return trip. The opposite is the case for a two-way flight – the return ticket.

  1. Personal information: full name (which must be spelt exactly as written on the ID card or passport), and date of birth.
  2. The ID number for domestic flights and passport number for international flights.
  3. Departure time and length of flights.
  4. Cabin class; economy, premium, business, first-class or suites. 


  1. Traveller’s details.
  2. Valid means of identification for local flights and international passport for international flights.
  3. A debit card or other payment options. 
  4. Active email address and phone number.
  5. Basic information of destination and date of departure. 

The valid and recognised means of identification include a driver’s license, NIN, national ID card, voter’s card, NYSC ID card and international passport, which have to be pertinent to the dates intended to fly.


  • No passport is required at the flight booking stage.
  • The same process is followed to book both local and international flights – the difference is in the requirements. 

When To Book

It is recommended for passengers to book their flight ahead of time for two solid reasons; 

  1. To defeat filled or unavailable flights. 
  2. To reduce cost as flight tickets get more expensive when booked closer to travel date except in cases of flat rates. Also, a return ticket may be cheaper than buying two single tickets.

Domestics or Local Flights

This refers to flight within Nigeria. An example is from Kano to Enugu.

Entering the ID number is the only requirement needed is the required detail for this booking. Original ID card and booking reference number will be needed when boarding the flight. 

Note: Travellers below the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Otherwise, written permission alongside a birth certificate from either of the prior mentioned parties will do.

List Of Some Domestic Airlines Operating in Nigeria and Nigeria and Their Contacts 

1. Air Peace


Customer care line: 0700-359-24773223.

2. Dana Airline


Customer care line: 02-2809888.

3. Arik Air


Customer care line: +234(0)12799999

4. Azman Air


Customer care line: 09099800600

Others are Max Air, Overland Airline, Ibom Air etc.

The following steps should be followed to book local flights;

  • Select any of the aforementioned airlines.
  • Choose which airport to fly to.
  • Choose the date of departure and the date of the return for a two-way ticket.


This refers to flights with departures from Nigeria and destinations abroad or overseas. An example is Nigeria to Saudi Arabia. 

While same procedures are followed to book domestic and international flights, the latter comes with stricter restrictions and requirements differing across the intended country.

Hence, the following are to be made available;

Original valid international passport,  visa (which must have been acquired long before booking), vaccination card etc at the check-in desk. 

The swiftest and simplest way to book here is to visit the official website of any international airline (some spelt below) and follow the laid down procedures on the Web page.

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Ethiopian Airlines
  3. Etihad Airways
  4. Air France Nigeria 
  5. Emirates Airlines – Contact; 01 271 7600 

Booking Further Explained

The below listed important steps should be adhered to successfully book a flight in Nigeria;

  • Locate a flight booking site or air carrier website. 
  • Input departure and arrival cities.
  • Choose travel dates.
  • Browse flight options and select the ideal flight.
  • Insert error-free passenger details. 
  • Select any additional add-ons e.g extra baggage. 
  • Choose payment method.
  • Receive an electronic ticket in the email address provided. 
  • The only booking options readily available to the disposal of intending travellers in Nigeria are;
  • The air carrier website 
  • A flight booking site e.g Wakanow, Travelbeta, Travelstart etc.

While various sites have proven credible, buying tickets directly from airlines has proven to be the best alternative security and fare-wise. 

Payment Methods

It should be noted that booking a flight does not imply instant payment (for the booked flight) but rather a seat reservation. Below are payment options once ready to pay after completing the required steps; 

  1. Online debit or credit payment; name on the credit or debit card, card number and three-digit CVV code (found at the back of the card), and card’s expiration date.
  2. Bank transfer EFT, or print booking payment slip and take to the partner bank.
  3. Cash at the airline.
  4. Booking site agent.
  5. POS, Quickteller, Pega etc.

It is advisable to download a copy of the ticket to your device. An electronic ticket will be forwarded to the email provided while booking. It is not necessary to print the e-ticket as the airline officials require just means of identification, reference number, and passport alongside a visa for international flights. 

Booking For Others

In Nigeria, this follows the same process as booking for one’s self – the details and requirements of the person once booked can be forwarded to them via email or other platforms. 

Conclusively, contrary to the unwieldy thoughts about online flight ticket booking, the procedures are made simple, easy, convenient and secure. Booking ahead will reduce fares as well as ensure flight availability and security – Choose convenience, safety and ease.

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