How to Make Friends As A Transfer Student

Before trying to put out this post, I ensured that I had a lengthy discussion with a friend of mine who showed up in the second-semester at a college being a Sophomore transfer student.

In my chat with her, she made me realize that she had not even a single friend during her first few month in the school.

Reason being that, everyone had already gotten to choose his or her friend, group, and hence, it seemed to me her as if no one was ready to make any friend with anybody again.

Furthermore, her school doesn’t really have much extra curricular activities, besides, it was a city campus so there were approximately no sense of community or atmosphere that could bring people close.

Am sure this is the same thing you’re going through, well, it’s very much possible for you to even be in such place for 4 years without having a single friend just the way my friend was.

Yes, beginning at another school can be scary regardless of how old you are, how cordial you are, or the number of people you already know at the school. As a transfer student, making a friend is quite different from making friends as a first-year student.

As a freshman, everyone is new and trying to make friends at the same time. While as a transfer student, you are the newcomer attempting to fit into an already established community.

When you were a freshman at your school, there might have been a committee set up to welcome you to the school and show you around campus.

As a transfer student, it’s not the same. Even if there is a welcome committee for you, it can still be challenging. You have to adjust to your new environment and classes, among other things, which can take some time. Making new friends is the most difficult transition for a transfer student, sometimes in ways, you don’t expect.

Probably you don’t know who a transfer student is.

Let me educate you then,

make friends as a transfer student

Who Is A Transfer Student?

Looking at the name, literarily, it looks like a piece of some straightforward English to decode, but looking at it in an educational way, a transfer student might have a bit of a different meaning.

A transfer student simply means someone who has earned the badge to study in an institution either in his country or in another country, but for one reason or the other, defers the chance to study in such institution and then goes to another school with the intention of using the scholarship or credit gotten from the initial school in the new place.

That is simply what a transfer student is all about.

Now that you know what and who a transfer student is and why it is hard for them to be friendless because they are totally in a new environment,

(You might consider checking up the Cambridge University’s definition of a transfer student).

Let us now talk about how one can make friends with this new environment. Although it might not really be that easy, trust me, you can do it.

Here are a few tips you can follow in your quest to making new friends.

8 Working Ways To Make Friends As A Transfer Student

Making friends as a new college student studying in a new city could be somewhat a hard task to overcome, however, I believe the guide below will help you to overcome the challenge and enable you to build relationships with new people. That’s if you really like making friends.

So if you really like making friends as you don’t know how to go about it in your new college/university/school, then I recommend you read this guide from start to finish.

Let get down on the list.

1. Talk to other new transfer Students you met during Orientation

This is the quickest and easiest channel to build your friend list in your new school.

It’s not really embarrassing, you know, it is actually an excellent idea to know other students transferring to your new school.

You’re all in the same situation. You all have to start over, make new friends, and enroll in new classes.

Sharing your experiences is a great way to start a conversation. So why not invite that student you met as you were registering for your courses to join you for coffee?

2. Make friends with your classmates

Make a conversation with the person sitting next to you, try sitting next to them another time, or better yet, sit in a different position each class to meet as many people as you can.

Create a study group to meet up and talk about your schoolwork, professors, or study together. It’s a nice way to make friends. Also, by speaking up first, it makes you come across as a friendly person.

The ideas is, do not be a cold person, if you are cold and do not want to talk with others, nobody will want to speak with you.

I have another instance of a college friend of mine who go transfered there.

From our conversation, I got to realize that in his first 1 year of getting there he had no friend. Why? Because he thought nobody want to talk to him. Everyone was always minding their own business. No today looks at his side, so he too doesn’t talk with anyone.

But one day, he summoned courage to open up his mouth and talk to someone, come and see the way the person was exited to reply him.

Which means, that the only factor responsible for his friendlessness all these years was because he wasn’t ready to make the first move to speak to people.

So the take home is, learn to speak to others even if they refuse to speak to you first. Some people are also shy just the way you are, so don’t be shy to make the first move.

3. Become a member of a club

It’s enjoyable to be in a setting where you can meet others with similar interests as yours. Also, it is an excellent way to start a conversation. You’re allowed to join more than one club.  This way you get to meet cool people you have a lot in common with.

Being part of a club is good because most have activities all year round that will push you to try something outside your comfort zone. This helps you connect with others who aren’t in your social circle.

4. Take up an after-school activity

Some people take up after-school activities besides school clubs. This can be either sports or volunteering yourself. Although not all these activities are school-related, it is still an excellent way to meet new people outside your classroom.

Many students find it difficult to socialize with their peers when starting a new school. After-school activities provide them with a different opportunity.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

If you want people to come close to you, then you have to take good care of yourself.

Look decent, make good hair as a lady and cut good hairstyle as a guy, fix good nail, wear well ironed cloth, do not look tattered and haggard, smell nice. Be decent and smart looking.

Do not let your look chase away those who are suppose to be your friend. And always put on a good countenance anywhere you get to. These are what will draw friends to come around you.

6. Consider taking an elective class with a social element

Aside from after-school activities or clubs, you can also take an elective class that allows students to interact with each other, like art, photography, or music class.

All these classes provide the opportunity for the student to collaborate on a project. This way, you get to talk about different topics that interest you. These classes are a lot more fun, and they allow students to meet new people while learning in a setting where they don’t just listen and take notes.

7. Join a sports team

Becoming part of a sports team is a great way to make new friends. If you were part of an athletic team in your previous school, joining a team in your new school creates an avenue for you to get to know more people.

Regardless of how you play, sport is an excellent way to meet individuals from different classes and degrees. You’re certain to form bonds with some of your teammates after spending so many hours working out, rehearsing, and playing games.

DUGG is a good example of this.

They are a group of community you can search for anywhere you are as a transfer student. DUGG simply means Davis Urban Gaming Group.

You can check out what they do on

They are a NERFing  group who has platform that bring people together to play games and do all sort of recreational activities.


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I promise to keep giving you tips and guides that you can follow which will help you to make good friends and build good relationships with the new world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about how to make friends as a transfer student

How do I make A new transfer student my friend?

There is no guaranteed way to making friends anywhere in the world. It all depends on how you can relate with your fellow colleagues around you,  talk with people, interact, be lovely, lively and be yourself. with this, people will love to be close to you even though you might be new.

How Do One become A Transfer Student?

The steps are very simple as  straightforward, Win a transfer credit to a new school and follow the required criteria.

To know more about this then you can follow this link to see how you can become a transfer student.

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It doesn’t matter the grade or level you transfer; making friends is not difficult. All you have to do is take the first step, talk to someone and build up a relationship from there.

Like we have rightly said in the introduction part of this article, I am not guaranteeing you 100% assurance that these tips will work, but if you follow them rightly, it should work for you.

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