How To Pay UK Visa Fee In Nigeria

The United Kingdom (UK) Is undoubtedly one of the best places one would want to travel to. As a Nigerian, the UK is a wonderful travel destination for studying, working, vacation and many more. A UK visa is a document that gives holders the right to access the country’s territory. Being issued a visa imply’s that you have been deemed eligible to enter the UK’s territory after meeting the requirements of the particular visa you’re holding. Different reasons prompt people to go to the UK, some of those reasons are:

  •  To study 
  •  For business and work
  • For vacation and tourism 
  • For visits
  • To meet up with relatives who are in the UK
  •  As a refugee 
  • For permanent residency 
  • As a transit point to another country

The application process for a UK visa is dependent on the type of visa you wish to get especially if it belongs to the points-based system category. Though the requirements for all categories are mostly similar, there are requirements that are specific to a particular category. 

You can pay for UK visa fee online by visiting here and filling out the application form and then proceeding to pay the Naira equivalent of the dollar charge of the visa fee. You can pay for your UK visa fee in Nigeria using a local dollar or pounds (domiciled credit card) bank card or a foreign card. You’ll get an email from the UK embassy once your payment is successful. You can then log on to the site to confirm your payment. Once this is confirmed, you can now proceed to the appointment booking page to book an appointment. 

How To Pay UK Visa Fee In Nigeria

Types Of UK Visas

The type of visa a person wants is generally influenced by the reason for which the person is going to the UK. Based on this, the United Kingdom has arranged a visa system suited to the purpose of the visitor under multiple visa types. The types of UK visas are:

1. Work and Business visas: These are visas issued to high-end professionals and business people who wish to work or do business, and live in the UK for a short or long period of time. 

There are quite a few categories of work and business visas for people wishing to apply for it. For the work visas we have the following:

  • Global talent visa for highly qualified foreigners
  • Tier 2 visa for skilled foreign workers:. Under the tier 2 visa we have the following visa types: 
  1. General visa
  2. Intra-company transfer visa
  3. Sportsperson visa
  4. Minister of Religion visa
  • Tier 5 visa for temporary foreign workers and youth mobility:  The tier 5 visa category offers the following visa types:
  1. Temporary worker visa. 
  2. Youth mobility scheme visa.
  • Other visa categories 

Under this UK visa category we have the following visa type:

  1. Croatian National Registration Certificate
  2. Household Visa
  3. Exempt Vignette Visa
  4. Turkish Worker Visa

For the business visa we have the following categories:

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa.
  • Tier 1 Investor visa.
  • Turkish businessperson visa.

2. Student/Study Visas

This type of visa is issued to international students wishing to study in the country. The types of visas issued under the student categories include the following:

  • Tier 4: for this visa category we have the following visa types
  1. Child Student Visa
  2. General Student Visa
  3. Short Term Study Visa.

3. Tourist and Visiting Visas

The UK is one popular tourist destination for many people for shorter or longer periods. The same goes for the visitor visas as they are issued for short stays and similar purposes as the tourist visas. The UK Government rarely issues this kind of visa for periods that are longer than 6 months. Holders of these visa types are prohibited from getting a job within the UK. 

Under this category we have the following visa types:

  • Marriage Visitor Visa.
  • Parent of tier 4 (child) student Visa.
  • Permitted paid engagement visa.
  • UK visitor Visa.
  • Visa for Chinese Tour Group.
  • Short-term Study Visa.

4. Family Visas

This visa type is issued to visit family members or relatives that working in The UK. With the family visa, you can join your visa in the UK for over 6 months as a dependent. A  dependent can be a husband or wife (spouse), partner, fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner, children, parents, or other family members.

Categories of family visas include:

  • UK child visa.
  • UK spouse visa:
  • UK parent visa.

5. Transit visas: This type of visa is issued for foreign internationals that wish to use the UK as a transit point to other countries.

Categories of transit visas include:

  • Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV): the holder of this visa has to change flights without leaving the airport.
  • Visitor In Transit Visa: This visa is valid for a period of 4 days. This is visa is issued for people who have to leave the airport and take another means of transportation. 

6. Refugee Visa

This type of visa is issued to foreigners due to security issues in their own country. This visa is applied for within the UK. It is a temporary visa. Visa for Stateless Persons is for people resident in the UK and are not nationals in any other country in the world. This visa is given for 2 to 6 years with a possibility of extension if the requirements are met.

UK Visa Requirements

The requirements for your UK visa are dependent on the type of visa you are applying for. You need to be in possession of all these documents and submit it on the day of your interview. Make sure your documents meet the requirements of the UK visa you are applying for. To apply for a UK visa you are to submit the following documents:

  • UK visa application form: Depending on the type of UK visa type you are applying for, you may have to complete the form online by visiting this website, or by filling out the manual application form. 
  • Two passport photographs: It should be in colour and not older than 6 months.
  • Your valid passport: Your passport must be valid for three more months beyond the date you intend to leave the UK after your travel. It must also contain at least one blank page for the visa.
  • Proof of your financial ability to cover your living expenses while in the UK: this may be your pay slip or bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • Proof of accommodation: You will need to present a document showing where you will reside or be accommodated while in the UK. 
  • Detailed travel plan: Submit a well-detailed itinerary containing all the information regarding how and what you plan to do while in the UK.
  • Tuberculosis test result: foreigners wanting to enter the UK have to tender the request for a tuberculosis test in order to be eligible for a UK visa.
  • Biometric information: Your biometric information will be required if you’re applying for a UK visa that allows you to stay in the UK for over 6 months. You will be required to give your fingerprints and a digital photograph taken at the appropriate application centre. 
  • UK visa invitation letter (if applicable): You will have to submit a letter of invitation if you’ll be staying over with a relative or family member. Your host must be a citizen of the UK or a legal resident.
  • Paid UK visa fees: you are to tender receipts showing proof of visa fee payment. 
  • Certified translation of any document that is not in either English or Welsh. 

Extra Requirements According To Your Employment Status

You may be needed to tender some extra documents according to your work status, as follows:

  • A letter from your employer: This letter should contain your position at work, your salary, and how long you have been employed.
  • If you are self-employed: You should submit business registration forms confirming the business owner’s name and the date the business started. 
  • For students: a letter from your education provider.

Added Requirements For Applicants Under The Age Of 18

If you are under the age of 18, you will need to tender the following additional information:

  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption papers (if need be)
  • If you are travelling unaccompanied or with someone other than your parent(s) you will need to provide a signed letter from your parent(s)confirming details of anyone accompanying you (the minor) and also a copy of your parent(s) or legal guardian’s biographical page of their passport.

Complete Documents Required At The UK Point Of Entry

You will need to show some documents to the UK border control police, on entry into the UK. For EU/EEA nationals, you can use the EU/EEA channel to get your documents checked. Only your ID or passport is needed. Children from the age of 17 and under must be accompanied by adults.

For Non- EU/EEA nationals,  the following documents are needed on arrival at the UK port of entry:

  • Valid Passport.
  • Landing Card:  You will get this from your carrier. This has to be filled before reaching the border control.
  • Visa (if applicable).

UK Visa Fees

UK visa fees are largely dependent on the visa type you are applying for. Here are the UK visa fees according to categories:

  • UK Study Visa Fees
  • UK Visit Visa Fees
  • UK Join Family Visa Fees
  • UK Work Visa Fees
  • UK Settlement Visa Fees

Study Visa Fees

For this visa category the pricing is as follows:

  • Student main applicant and dependents – $485
  • Child Student- $485.
  • Parents of children at school- $718.
  • The points-based system, Tier 4  Isle of Man- $485.
  • EC as a student Gurnsey and Jersey- $485.

UK Visit Visa Fees

The pricing for this visa category is as follows:

  • Standard Visitor visa – for the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey for
  1. Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry)- $132.
  2. Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years)- $503.
  3. Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) – $912.
  4. Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years)- $1145.
  5. Visiting academic – more than 6 months up to 12 months- $265.
  6. Marriage visitor visa- $132.
  7. Permitted paid engagement visa- $132.
  8. Private medical treatment – more than six months up to 11 months- $265.
  9. Visit the UK in a Chinese tour group (the UK only)- $132.
  • Transit Visitor Visa
  1. Direct  Airside Transit (DATV)- $49.
  2. Visitor in Transit visa- $89.
  3. Visit purpose of joining a ship or aircraft as a member of the crew of that ship or aircraft (fee also applies to the Isle of Man)- $89.
  • Parents of children at school— Parent of a Student child visa (up to 12 months) (Tier 4 Isle of Man)- $718.
  • Child Visitors Visa
  1. Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry)- $132.
  2. Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years)- $503.
  3. Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years)- $912.
  4. Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years)- $1145.

UK Join Family Visa Fees

The pricing of visa types under this visa category are as follows:

  • Parents of children at school— Parent of a Student child visa (up to 12 months) (Tier 4 Isle of Man)- $718.
  • Family of settled people (settlement)
  1. Family visas – Joining your partner, parent, proposed civil partner or child (also applicable to EC to the Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Jersey and Bailiwick of Gurnsey- $2121.
  2. Family visas – Adult dependant relative (also applicable for EC to the Isle of Man)- $4525.
  3. Route to Settlement – refugee- $540.
  4. Dependent children under the age of 21 only apply under “Appendix ECAA Extension of Stay” to the immigration rules- Free of charge.
  • Settlement for current and former members of HM armed forces, and their dependents.
  1. Pre 1997 Gurkhas (outside immigration rules)- $2121.
  2. Overage dependant children of pre-1997 Gurkhas- $2121.
  3. HM Forces dependants applying under parts 4,5,7 or 8 of Appendix Armed Forces- $2121.
  • Exempt— Diplomatic Posting to the UK (Dependant)- Free of charge.
  • Members of armed forces and their families (non-settlement) Dependants of exempt international forces applying under Part 10 of Appendix Armed Forces- $718.
  • Family members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals Apply if you are living in an EU country, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein with a British citizen— Free of charge.

UK Work Visa Fees

Under this visa category, the pricing for the different visa types is as follows:

  • The points-based system, Tier 1 (also applicable to the Isle of Man), Tier 1 investor – main applicant and dependents- $2260.
  • Family of settled people (settlement).
  1. Tier 1 entrepreneur – main applicant and each dependant- $1422.
  2. Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) – dependants only- $505.
  3. Tier 1 exceptional talent – dependants only- $847.
  • Work – applications made outside the UK (also applicable in the Isle of Man).
  1. Skilled Worker – Health and Care Visa – where a certificate of sponsorship has been issued for three years or less – main applicant and dependents- $323.
  • Temporary Work (also applicable to the Isle of Man) 
  1. Temporary Work – Religious Work – main applicant and any dependents- $320.
  2. Temporary Work – International Agreement Work – main applicant and dependant-$340.

UK Settlement Visa Fees

Under this visa category, the visa pricing is as follows: 

  • Family of settled people (settlement) Family visas – Joining your partner, parent, proposed civil partner or child (also applicable to EC to the Isle of Man, Bailiwick of Jersey and Bailiwick of Gurnsey)- $2121.
  • Family of settled people (settlement).
  1. Family visas – Adult dependant relative (also applicable for EC to the Isle of Man)- $4525.
  2. Route to Settlement – refugee dependant relative- $540.
  3. Dependent children under the age of 21 only apply under “Appendix ECAA Extension of Stay” to the immigration rules- Free of charge.
  • Returning residents- $718
  • Family reunion to join asylum seekers.
  1. Family reunion, under Part 11 of Asylum, Immigration Rules (pre-flight dependants)- Free of charge.
  2. Post-flight dependants- $2121.
  3. Family reunion – other dependent relatives- $540.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Apply For A UK Visa?

It is advisable to apply for a UK visa between 3-6 months before when you intend to travel to the UK. Processing of UK visas may take up to 6  weeks. Applying early will give the consulate enough time for processing the visa. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Visa for the UK?

Processing a UK visa may take around 6 weeks or more. The current UK Visa processing time varies from one application to the other for several reasons. These  are:

  • The type of visa you are applying for.K
  • The country you are applying from.
  • Your specific situation 
  • The number of applications received by the UK consulate/visa processing centre at the time, etc.

What Are the Reasons for UK Visa Denial?

Sometimes people applying for a UK visa get denied for some of the following reasons:

  • Missing documents. This is the most frequent reason why applicants get their applications rejected. One missing document and you will have your application rejected by the embassy meaning you will have to start the visa application process afresh.
  • Wrong or  Ill-matched information in your documents.
  • Not enough financial means to cover your stay in the UK.
  • Not meeting the English language requirement.
  • Incorrect arrangement of documents.

Good luck with your application!

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