Presidential Full Funded Scholarship For African Student To Study In UK, Canada And USA University of Wisconsin Stevens Point


This application is available to global and homegrown understudies keen on chasing after a college degree at the College of Wisconsin Steven Focuses. The confirmation application, GPA, and ACT scores will be utilized to decide the champs. Awardees will get up to $4,000 toward the expense of their picked training.

The College’s Experience
Stevens Point, Wisconsin is home to the College of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, a state funded college. The college has embarked to reconsider the world. The College of Wisconsin Stevens Point is positioned 64th among Midwest Territorial Colleges.

Why go to the College of Wisconsin-Stevens Point? Through cooperative scholarly emotionally supportive networks that permit understudies to investigate, learn, and develop, the UWSP means to upgrade understudy accomplishment all through the study hall. It will be known for creating, helping, and teaching understudies and residents to take part gainfully in nearby, provincial, and worldwide networks.

The college is found one block north of State Highway 66 and one block southwest of Interstate 39/US Highway 51 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

It is a 406-section of land (164-hectare) complex with 43 designs, including a 280-section of land (113-hectare) nature protect and a 25-section of land (10.1-hectare) lake.

Four sororities and four crews make up the Greek people group nearby. The Between Greek Board unites and teams up with every single Greek gathering. Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Phi Omega, and Sigma Delta Rho are the sororities nearby. Phi Sigma Phi, Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Theta Xi are the cliques nearby.

The Exhibition hall of Normal History, the Wisconsin Place for Natural life, the Waste Schooling Community, the Water, and Ecological Investigation Lab, the Aber Suzuki Center, the Allen F. Blocher Planetarium, the Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory, the Middle for Cooperative and Intelligent Innovations, the Middle for Monetary Schooling, the CPS Bistro, the Focal Wisconsin Financial Exploration Department, the Gesell Foundation, the Middle for Athletic Booking, and the Middle for Natural Investigation are only a couple of the various focuses and affiliations that the college keep up with

The Official Grants at the College of Wisconsin Steven Point offer beneficiaries $500-$1,000 each year for as long as four years of study.

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