Can I Study In The UK Without IELTS?

Exams are a part of our educational journey. All international students are familiar with the language assessment test (IELTS).

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardised language assessment test used by universities worldwide to assess their prospective international students’ language skills. The test is divided into four sections: reading, writing listening, speaking, and writing. Students will receive an aggregate score based on their basic English language skills after taking the three-hour test.

English-speaking countries like the UK evaluate your language skills during the application phase. This is not always true. It is possible to study in the UK with or without IELTS.

What is the best way to study in the UK if you don’t have IELTS?

English as your primary medium of instruction at school.
These days, English-medium schools are quite common in India. You can prove your English proficiency by proving that you attended an English-medium school or university. This is based on your English proficiency scores at English medium schools. You can apply to these universities and study in the UK with no IELTS.

To assess your language proficiency, your university will use your XII and XXII English marks.

Your class XII English subject mark scores are also considered by many universities in the UK to evaluate your language proficiency. To be eligible for UK primary universities, ensure that your final exam score is at least 70%

To assess your language proficiency, the university will conduct its own interviews.

Many universities offer online interviews as part their admissions process. These universities in the UK allow you to study without IELTS. They will also use these online sessions for English language testing. IELTS scores won’t be required in this case.

You can also take other language assessments tests

IELTS is the most widely recognized and accepted English assessment test in Britain. There are many other English assessment tests that are gaining in popularity. Alternately, you can opt to take the TOEFL, Trinity College London Integrated Skill in English (ISE), PTE Academic Cambridge English: Proficiency or (CPE) test. You can study in the UK if you score well in any of the standard language tests.

Notice: Universities will list the tests they accept on their websites in the requirements section. Before you take any test, make sure to check the website of your university.

Pre-sessional English Course

All of these options require you to be fluent in English. Otherwise, there are high chances of rejection. You don’t have to feel discouraged, as you can still study in the UK even if your English is not good enough. Pre-sessional courses are available.

Many universities offer pre-sessional courses without IELTS in the UK to assist international students to adapt to the new educational system. These courses will help you acquire the necessary language skills and classroom skills. This will allow you to easily transition to foreign education. You can check the university website to see if they offer pre-sessional or foundational courses. For more information, you can contact overseas education advisors. This option is best if you don’t feel confident in your English language skills.

Can I get a UK Study Visa without IELTS?

Yes. Although English language proficiency is a requirement, there are other options if you decide to study at a university which waives IELTS. Instead of sending your IELTS scores, submit a document from the university that demonstrates that you are eligible for a Visa.

These are the top universities in UK that offer foundational, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses without IELTS.

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Top UK Universities Where You Can Study Without IELTS

London Southbank University

Yes, It is possible to study in London even if you don’t have IELTS. London Southbank University, a great public university located in London’s bustling capital city. The placement system is one of London Southbank University’s most distinctive features. London Southbank University’s high-quality education makes them highly employable. The university offers internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business management, science, and technology

Admission criteria to study in London with or without IELT includes;

  • As an Indian student, you must have a minimum of 60-65% average in XII exams.
  • GCE A-Level: Two to three passes (minimum grade of C).
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma (24-30 Points)
  • Accredited UK Foundation programme (minimum 55-65%)
  • Accredited Polytechnic/College Diploma (two-year duration – minimum grade 60%).

Tuition fees: Fees at London Southbank University vary depending on the program. The fees can vary from PS5,400 up to PS10,000.

2. University of Bristol

One of the UK’s most prestigious research universities, the University of Bristol. International students can choose from over 200 undergraduate courses in six faculties at this university. The University of Bristol is a member of Britain’s prestigious Russell Group of research-intensive universities. This university attracts thousands of students every year. The University of Bristol offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs in management, finance and social sciences.

Admission criteria

  • Awarded 12th grade by a recognized institute or board
  • An average score of 60% in English 12th class. A score of 75%

Tuition fees: The University of Bristol’s fees structure is dependent on which faculty you choose.

  • Arts – PS15,000
  • Science – PS18,000
  • Clinical – PS32,000

3. Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University, a top-ranked public university located in Aberdeen, Scotland is known for its excellent academic programs. The university is well-known for its BA, BSc, and PhD programs in business management, technology, health, and social care. Robert Gordon University was once the UK’s top university for graduates who were employed or enrolled in postgraduate studies six months after graduating. Robert Gordon University has 11 schools that students can enrol in.

  1. Aberdeen Business School
  2. School of Applied Social Studies
  3. School of Computing Science and Digital Media
  4. School of Creative and Cultural Business
  5. School of Engineering
  6. Gray’s School of Art
  7. School of Health Sciences
  8. The Law School
  9. School of Nursing and Midwifery
  10. School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences]
  11. Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment


Admission criteria

  • A score of 60% or more in 12th grade or an equivalent.
  • A score of 60% or more in English subject.
  • A certificate, diploma or equivalent issued by a recognized institution/board.


Tuition fees: Robert Gordon University’s tuition fees are dependent on which course you choose.

More Universities Without IELTS For you:

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